DCs’ Blog – 29 July 2018

Well the Summer is here (or has it been and gone given the change in then weather!) and we are sure many of you have had an action packed term of Scouting with many more on Camp as we write this. Thank you for all the invitations to AGMs etc – we’ve enjoyed getting around.

DC’s Blog – 15 May 2018

  DC’s blog – 15 May 2018 Welcome to our next blog reflecting the updated brand and strategy launched earlier today. Steve Ball, Ian MacKenzie District Commissioners, Wiltshire North In this blog: Strategy Brand St George’s Day GDPR What’s going on? Strategy Today sees the launch of our new national strategy and we hope you

DCs’ Blog – 3 April 2018

A Happy Easter to everyone and hopefully the snow is over and we are looking forward to a Summer term of activites and adventure.  May will also see the launch of the Associations’s ‘Beyond 2018’ strategy as well as an evolution of the brand.  As ever, we hope this update is helpful, but please let us

DCs Blog – 25 February 2018

DCs blog – 25 February 2018 In this blog: Scout Census Training including First Aid County Scout Active Support GSLs’ Meeting Recent events Did you know? Scout Census Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped get this completed.  It shows 952 young people benefiting from Scouting across the District (up from 920

DC’s blog – 15 January 2018

Happy new year! We hope that everyone involved in Scouting across the District was able to take a well-earned break over the Christmas and new year period. No doubt, plans are now in place for programmes over the next couple of months and perhaps longer where events will take a bit more to organise. After

DCs Blog – 10 December 2017

Welcome… … to the latest edition of our blog which we hope helps keep you up to date with news and events.  It’s been a quieter couple of weeks as I’m sure many of us turn thoughts to Christmas parties, Carol Services and perhaps planning next term! Steve Ball, Ian MacKenzie District Commissioners, Wiltshire North

DC’s blog – 27 Nov 2017

DC’s blog – Latest information and update We hope you’re still finding these short updates every couple of weeks helpful.  If there is anything you’d like to see included, please let us know. Steve and Ian have just returned from a weekend residential training course, the Skills of Management.  This is part of the Scout

DCs Blog – 10 November 2017

DCs Blog – 10 November 2017 Welcome… … to the latest edition of our blog which we hope helps keep you up to date with news and events as well as a survey below on what training we should consider locally. Please do spread the word and let others know that they can subscribe to these updates.  There

DCs Blog – 13 October 2017

Thank you for all your feedback on our first blog and the website. Please keep it coming! As we said last time, we’ll write a bit about what’s going on every few weeks so this is our next blog. To make sure you receive these emails, please subscribe to the DC’s general update using this