DCs Blog – 10 November 2017

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DCs Blog – 10 November 2017


… to the latest edition of our blog which we hope helps keep you up to date with news and events as well as a survey below on what training we should consider locally.

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Steve Ball, Ian MacKenzie
District Commissioners, Wiltshire North

Training Update

There are still spaces available at the County Training Weekend next weekend (18-19 November) – including first aid.  More details are available on our website – click here.  There is also a Managers and Supporters course running in Swindon 0n February – details here.

More details from Guy, our Local Training Manager – email ltm@wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk.

Thanks to Guy and Caroline for organising the District First Aid and Young Leaders’ Training this weekend.  Would you like to see more training locally in our District?  Complete our online survey to help us look at this.  Do share this survey with other leaders and helpers.

Remembrance Sunday

BBC Radio Wiltshire’s Remembrance Day broadcast on Sunday will be from Chippenham between 10.00-12.00, it should be available on iplayer.  Chris Jones has provided the following information:

Firstly, we have what we think are the youngest buglers in the country ranging in age from 8 to 12 plus two of us old crusties. Rod Jefferies, lead, is my ASL and is also ex RHA Trumpet Major. We’ve taken on 6 youngsters from Scouting, Guiding and also my brass band. We’ll have a Sea Scout (Martin) plus two Cubs from 10th playing, along with a Brownie and Guide. Rod plus one of the kids will be interviewed. We’re also playing at 1100 on Saturday in Chippenham and the G&H are sending out a photographer.

Secondly, one of our explorers and myself are due to be interviewed in relation to the evening service and the life of Lt Billy Granger, a Chippenham Scout who died from wounds in Ypres in 1917. Jake Davies will perform a short play about his life at the Youth service in the evening.

Finally, 5 of my Scouts were interviewed on a pre recorded basis as to what Remembrance means to them. That will be cut in amongst all the other bits during the mornings broadcast.

District Roles

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Guy Livingston as ADC (Cubs) to take over from Ian.  Guy is ACSL within 1st Neston & Box and also our Local Training Manager.  Guy has also been fulfilling the role of District Appointments Secretary which he will relinquish after a period of handover as he takes on the ADC appointment.  We will confirm the transition details in due course.

District Meetings Update…

Since our last blog we had held a meeting for GSLs and we’ve also had a District Exec Meeting.

The GSLs meeting is an opportunity for all the GSLs to get together with the DCs and we covered areas such as communication, what we could do better, where we can support and what we as DCs should focus our time on.  Everyone on the GSLs mailing list has received the notes from the meeting.  Sign up on the website if you want to be included on that distribution – it’s not a secret!

The District Exec oversees the District just as a Group Exec oversees a Group and is chaired by Justin, our District Chairman.  It’s focus is on governance and trusteeship and key areas discussed included finances and an update from the DCs.

Contact details on scouts.org.uk

These have all now been updated to generic group addresses @wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk and will be automatically forwarded to the relevant GSL unless we have been advised of an alternative forwarding address.  Please pick these up and respond to the queries directly!

And finally

A short summary of what’s been going on:

  • Corsham have run a Nights Away Expedition Hike and a PLs weekend
  • Stanton St Quintin taster sessions for Scouts are going well with 15 young people at the first one – thank you to everyone across the district who is supporting
  • Cub leaders got together for their District Meeting and are planning a District Cub Camp in Summer 2018 (29 June – 1 July at Woodhouse Park)
  • Ian and Steve attended a DCs Training Day for new DCs in London
  • We’ve managed to keep the website up to date, especially key dates which can be accessed here, including confirmation of meetings and events such as St George’s Day.

Do let us know what you are up to so we can share it!