DCs Blog – 13 October 2017

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Thank you for all your feedback on our first blog and the website. Please keep it coming! As we said last time, we’ll write a bit about what’s going on every few weeks so this is our next blog. To make sure you receive these emails, please subscribe to the DC’s general update using this form.

Between us we’ve had a busy couple of weeks getting to grips with various aspects of the role, including an induction session from the Regional Support Team, supporting the new Scout section at Stanton St Quintin, participating in online training on Scout Association awards and an all day event on safeguarding. We’re not experts but know a bit more than we did a few weeks ago!

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Steve and Ian


In this edition:

District website and mailing lists update
Group contact email addresses
GSLs’ Meeting
Training Update
Vacant roles
Scout section at Stanton St Quintin
Summer 2018 sailing trip
Chance for new DCs to meet Groups and Units
What’s been happening across the District?

District website and mailing lists update

We’ve updated the website with extra training pages (thanks to Guy Livingston, our Local Training Manager) and sorted out various glitches. We’ve seen a good number sign up for the mailing lists so hopefully this will help with communication. As a reminder, you can manage which lists you are subscribed to using this webpage. If you want to hear about new posts on the website, liking this Facebook page will see them appear in your feed.

Please do continue to let us know what you think of the website content and where it can be improved. If you’d like something a bit more descriptive for your Scout Group or Explorer Unit, please send us some text and we’ll update the relevant pages.

Group contact email addresses

Please let us know as soon as possible who you would like contact requests to be emailed to in your group if you haven’t already done so. These will be typically membership enquiries through either the national website or the district website. Each group has a generic email address along the lines of group@wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk and we will automatically route all emails to this to your preferred contact email address.

If we haven’t been given a preferred contact email address by end October we will automatically set this up to be the GSL’s current email address.

GSLs Meeting

We’ve now firmed up on a date for this – Thursday 2nd November at 8.15pm at Corsham Scout HQ. It would be great to have all GSLs or a representative there. We will start prompt and finish by 9.15pm. An agenda will follow to all GSLs.

Training Update

As we say above, Guy has added some pages on training to the website and we have details of First Aid courses on the website, including one running in the District in November. We are working to get more local courses for First Aid in place so keep an eye on the website.

We’ve also got direct links from the website to various training modules including safeguarding and safety. Remember these are mandatory ongoing training modules – it would be good to get those across the District who need to do these through them over the coming weeks – it only takes half an hour or so. We will also aim to email directly those who need to do these over the coming weeks.

We could do with a few more Training Advisers across the District. If you are interested, or know of anyone who might be, could you let us or Guy know (Guy can be contacted at ltm@wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk).

Vacant Roles

  • We have upcoming vacancies for GSLs at 1st Neston and Box as well as at 10th Chippenham, both thriving Groups – who do you know who we could approach for these?
  • We are looking to appoint 2 new Assistant District Commissioners (ADC) – one for Cubs and one for Scouts. If you are interested or want to suggest a name, please get in touch. The roles aren’t onerous and can be flexible and tailored and could easily be a team approach like we are doing for DC.
  • We would also like to appoint a Youth Commissioner aged between 18 and 25 to help us ensure our activities and thinking remain youth shaped. Alternatively this could be someone slightly younger as a youth representative until they are 18. Who would you suggest for this?

If you are interested in being considered for any of the vacant roles, or know anyone who might be interested, please do let us know by email at dc@wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk

Scout section at Stanton St Quintin

The taster sessions for the new Scout section at Stanton St Quintin are now underway and thank you to Leaders from across the District who are helping to support this exciting venture.

August 2018 sailing trip

Don’t forget the deadline for young people applying for next summer’s sailing trip is the end of October. Full details of the trip can be found in the leaflet here. The trip is suitable for Scouts and Explorers aged 12 and up next August. Applications can be made using an online form here.

Chance for new DCs to meet Groups and Units

Many thanks to those who’ve invited Steve or Ian to attend meetings and events in recent weeks – we would love to get round to see all groups before Christmas. If you’ve got a meeting of section leaders or your executive committee, or a camp or event that you’d like us to visit, please do let us know at dc@wiltshirenortscouts.org.uk

What’s been happening across the District?

Finally, a quick round-up of the events and meetings that have taken place over the last couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone involved!

  • Beaver District Sleepover at @Bristol
  • Cub District Pioneering Challenge organised by Corsham
  • Meeting for District Training Adviser
  • 1st Chippenham Cub weekend at Woodhouse Park