DC’s blog – 27 Nov 2017

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DC’s blog – Latest information and update

We hope you’re still finding these short updates every couple of weeks helpful.  If there is anything you’d like to see included, please let us know.

Steve and Ian have just returned from a weekend residential training course, the Skills of Management.  This is part of the Scout Association’s new scheme of training for those in manager and supporter roles.  We spent the weekend in Bristol, with DCs, GSLs and a number of folk with other manager or supporter appointments from across the South West region.

Steve Ball, Ian MacKenzie
District Commissioners, Wiltshire North

In this edition:

  1. Scout Association Census
  2. Training needs survey
  3. Fundraising for the Royal British Legion
  4. Peace Light
  5. Vacant roles and recruitment
  6. What’s going on?

Scout Association Census

As usual, the Scout Association Census will be completed at the end of January.  As last year, each section will need to complete their details.  For Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, these are then ‘approved’ by the Group.  For Explorer Units, these will be approved by Josh.

In past years there has been a requirement to supply the names and addresses of all members to the District, although I know that there are some people who objected to this and in practice I don’t believe it often happened.  That requirement has now been removed from POR so there is no need to supply those details.

Passwords for the census entry system are expected to be provided in the first week of January and we will distribute them when we get them.  To save us some of the headache of working out who will actually complete the census at each level, we will supply them to each Group Scout Leader unless you tell us you’d like them to go to someone else.  We will ask Josh to distribute to Explorer Scout Leaders.

Training needs survey

Thanks to those of you who have completed our survey on adult training.  If you haven’t done so already, there is still time and the survey can be found here.

We’d really like to know what training you’d find helpful so that we can make sure you get the specific and timely help you need.

Fundraising for the Royal British Legion

10th Chippenham Scout Group and Endeavour Explorer Scout Unit have been hugely successful in raising money for the Royal British Legion through this year’s Poppy Appeal.

They raised over £3,200, more than twice the amount raised last year.  They’ve stepped into the breach when the RBL was let down by others and their efforts will make a real difference.

Well done to everyone involved!

Peace Light

The ‘International Peace Light’ will be at the Wiltshire Scout Centre, Potterne, on Monday, 18th December.  There will be a service at 11:00, followed by a light lunch of soup, roll and mince pies.  If anyone would like to attend, please let Kelvin King (DC, Swindon North) know.  (Give us a shout if you need contact details for Kelvin).

Vacant roles and recruitment

We seem to be ‘getting there’ with recruitment to a number of the roles we need.  We’re aware of vacancies arising for two Group Scout leaders as the current GSLs are wanting to change role.

If you can think of anyone who might be interested in supporting the development and running of safe, effective Scouting in the following successful Groups, please let us know:

  • 10th Chippenham
  • 1st Neston and Box


What’s going on?

It seems a little bit quieter on the ‘events’ front at the moment, which is no bad thing.  Nevertheless, a quick outline of just a few:

  • 1st Chippenham Beaver’s annual play – this year The Time Machine
  • 1st Chippenham Group sleepover
  • Young Leader training, run in Corsham
  • Adult First Aid training, also run in Corsham