DCs’ Blog – 3 April 2018

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A Happy Easter to everyone and hopefully the snow is over and we are looking forward to a Summer term of activites and adventure.  May will also see the launch of the Associations’s ‘Beyond 2018’ strategy as well as an evolution of the brand.  As ever, we hope this update is helpful, but please let us know if there is anything specific you would like us to cover.

Steve Ball, Ian MacKenzie
District Comissioners, Wiltshire North


In this blog:

  1. St. George’s Day Parade
  2. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  3. ADC Scouts’ Update
  4. A final few words

St. George’s Day Parade

This year’s St George’s Day Parade will take place in Malmesbury on Sunday, 22 April 2018.  A church service will take place at Malmesbury Abbey, starting at 2:00pm.  Groups are to meet at 1:15pm.

Full details from the team at Malmesbury can be accessed by clicking here

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As we mentioned last time, in May 2018 a new piece of legislation will come into effect, which will replace existing Data Protection legislation.  There is quite a lot of complexity associated with the detail of the new regulation and the picture about what we all need to do as a result continues to emerge.

Responsibility for ensuring that each Scouting organisation complies with legislation rests with it’s governing committee.  For Scout Groups, that’s the Executive Committee and it’s Trustees.  For Explorer Scout Units, the District Executive Committee.

Each Scout Group and Explorer Unit, by their nature, holds and processes information about their members and may hold details of other people, such as supporters, so this regulation will affect us all.

The Association has now produced a pack including videos to enable Execs to work through what they need to do.  You can access it here. It is important that all Exec Committees review this. 
ADC Scouts’ Update

Matt recently emailed everyone on the scout section distribution list with details of upcoming scout section activities.  If you want to receive these the signup on the website – anyone can sign up.

Matt’s email is reproduced below… contact Matt for anymore information on this.  His email address is adcscouts@wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk.

Please see attached invite for the District Marksman Competition to be held by Malmesbury on the 19th of May.

The next event we have coming up is the District St Georges Day Parade on the 22nd of Aprilin Malmesbury, meeting time of 1.15PM location to follow.

Proposed events for the remainder of the year and the start of next year at present:

Night Hike in September/October to be organised by Neston and Box

Cooking Competition in January volunteer group required to organise

We can use the scores from the marksman competition for the section to enter into the county shooting competition or can run a second shooting competition depending on preference and whether a section would like to run a shooting competition.

All future emails will be being  sent out through the mail lists on the district website so please sign up to ensure you are receiving all Scout related updates.


I am looking at visiting sections over the next term so if you could propose a couple of dates which would suit you best.

A final few words…

We are seeing an increase in Nights Away Notifications are we all turn our thoughts towards Summer – keep them coming and don’t  forget all events involving an overnight stay require one and very adult staying overnight needs a valid Scouting DBS – get them done early.

You should have seen information on inclusivity in a recent Scouting+ email.  Do take time to read and reflect on and ask if you would like help or support.

Keep smiling – we are all making a huge difference to the lives of 100s of young people!