DC’s blog – 19 March 2018

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Sorry that there has been a longer than usual gap between blogs.  Information below on some hot topics, which we’re getting questions about from several people.  As ever, we hope it’s helpful, but please let us know if there is anything specific you would like us to cover.

Steve Ball, Ian MacKenzie
District Comissioners, Wiltshire North


In this blog:

  1. St. George’s Day Parade
  2. Motion Picture Licence & Music Licence
  3. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

St. George’s Day Parade

This year’s St George’s Day Parade will take place in Malmesbury on Sunday, 22 April 2018.  A church service will take place at Malmesbury Abbey, starting at 2:00pm.  Groups are to meet at 1:15pm.

Meeting venue is yet to be confirmed – we’ll let people know as soon as its finalised.  Parking can be found at Cross Hayes or Station Road car parks.

Motion Picture Licence & Music Licence

In recent years, the District has provided a licence via the Motion Picture Licencing Co., which covers the showing of films etc. by any Scout Group or Explorer Unit in the District.  A copy of the licence certificate can be found here.  Full terms and conditions of the licence can be found here.

There have been numerous questions recently about what this licence covers and how it relates to the available licences to play music.  The simple answer is that this licence does not cover the playing of music by Scout Groups or Explorer Units and the District does not intend to provide such a licence.  If Groups or Units need to play music, they need to make their own arrangements for a licence.  Several Groups have had a licence with PRS and there appears to be some change in that organisation.  They are joining forces with another similar organisation (PPL) and have written to all organisations affected.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In May 2018, a new piece of legislation will come into effect, which will replace existing Data Protection legislation.  There is quite a lot of complexity associated with the detail of the new regulation and the picture about what we all need to do as a result continues to emerge.

The new regulation details what each organisation that holds and processes personal data needs to do.  It includes requirements to:

  • ensure that the information held is accurate;
  • control access to information appropriately;
  • share information about what information is held and what it is used for;
  • allow individuals to give (and remove) their consent to the storage and processing of their information; and
  • report any loss of information, or other breach of the regulations, promptly to the relevant authorities.

Responsibility for ensuring that each Scouting organisation complies with legislation rests with it’s governing committee.  For Scout Groups, that’s the Executive Committee and it’s Trustees.  For Explorer Scout Units, that the District Executive Committee.

Each Scout Group and Explorer Unit, by their nature, holds and processes information about their members and may hold details of other people, such as supporters, so this regulation will affect us all.  There is already some general information from the Scout Association available here.

We are expecting a GDPR pack to be published by the Scout Association by the end of March, which will provide much more specific guidance about what each type of organisation is expected to do.  Please keep an eye out for the GDPR pack and make sure that everyone who needs to read it has seen it.  It is likely to include pre-populated registers of the types of data most commonly held and clear instructions on specific processes to follow in the event of a breach of the regulations.