DCs Blog – 23 March 2019

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Thank you for everyone who helped get the annual census returns completed and in on time – a great effort and the numbers show we are making a difference to 990 young people’s lives across the District (+4% on 2018) with a total membership including network and adults of 1,364 in the District.  Thank you to everyone for all they do for 990 young people across the District.

Also a thank you to everyone running district activities – we’ve had the Beaver event at ‘We the curious’, the Cub Chess Competition this afternoon and the Scout Night Hike next weekend to mention just a few as well as of course our District Training Events with the next one being next weekend.

As always keep us up to date with what’s going on and don’t forget the support the District can provide – from minibus to ideas and help albeit we are all very busy!

Ian & Steve

An update on topical matters, including:

  1. Scout Experience Survey 2019
  2. GSLs Meeting – this Thursday
  3. District guide to Adult Appointments process
  4. Opportunity – Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders)
  5. Nights Away Notifications
  6. Wiltshire Air Ambulance
  7. Spare equipment for sale

Scout Experience Survey 2019
Have you filled this in and shared it with young people and parents to fill in?  Remember it closes on 1 April.  The details from the national membership email was as below;

Scout Experience Survey 2019 and prize draw. Get involved in the annual Scout Experience Survey to help us understand how to make Scouts better for young people, and improve our support for all volunteers. Complete the survey yourself, and then share it with other volunteers, young people (Scouts, Explorers, and Network), and parents and carers. The survey is designed for anyone currently involved in Scouts, as well as anyone who may have left in the last 12 months:scouts.org.uk/scoutsurvey2019

Our guide will help you to promote the survey – it includes email templates, a checklist, and tips on what to do. As a thank you, everyone taking part will be entered into a draw to win £500 to spend at Scout Store or Scout Adventures. The two Districts that secure the most responses will also be entered into a similar draw for £1,000.

GSLs’ Meeting
The next GSLs meeting is this Thursday as previously advertised – watch out for the details which will be sent to GSLs.  The key items on the agenda will be census and waiting lists, appointments process, training, reviews, adult awards, the District Badge Shop and thinking (& volunteers) for the District Camp Site feasibility study which we mentioned in our last blog.  More information on all of this after the GSLs meeting from your GSL.

District Guide to Adult Appointments Process
We mentioned this last time and it is now live on the website (click here).  As you would expect in terms of general developments in the expectations in society, there is an increasing national focus on ensuring all our volunteers are up to date with their training obligations.  This increased focus on compliance with what volunteers have undertaken to do in terms of initial and ongoing training is reflected in this.  Please do take the time to think about your own training and that of volunteers around you – are you up to date with what you have undertaken to do/Opportunity – Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders)The District Explorer Scout team is looking for a new adult leader to develop the Young Leaders scheme in the district. The role involves leading the districts Young Leaders unit, managing the placements of Young Leaders, arranging Young Leader training and supporting Beaver, Cub and Scout section leaders with the Young Leaders scheme. 
If this sounds like a role that you would be interested in getting involved with, and would like to discuss the role further, please email josh.coombs@wiltshirenorthscouts.org.uk

Nights Away Notifications
A quick reminder that these are mandatory for all nights away activities and there is a new form – we are still receiving a few on the old form.  You can submit electronically on the website.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance
Ian Watson has been in touch to say that he is volunteering with Wiltshire Air Ambulance to help with fundraising.  Man of you will know Ian from Scouting.  He collects Tassimo coffee pods and empty crisp packets for them – could you or your Section(s) help out here?  Contact Ian at waacrispchippenham@btinternet.com.

Spare equipment for sale
3rd Chippenham having being sorting out their stores and have some spare equipment for sale. It may all have gone but for more information contact David Else at david.else.3rd.chipp.scouts@gmail.com.

The details we have a few weeks ago were as below:

Two of:
PAC Domina lantern with ignition
currently going for £22 new, on ebay

Four of:
Coleman F1 Lite lantern

normally £35
currently £15 at Go Outdoors

One of:
MSR pocket rocket Mk 1 ultra-mini stove

Now replaced by the Mk 2 version, which retails for about £30 new

Two of:
pocket rocket clones of unknown brand

MSR fuel bottle
normally £15