DC’s Blog – March 2020

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From the County Commissioner – please could you provide me with some examples of how your Groups, Sections and Units are currently continuing their Scouting whilst we experience the restrictions placed on us due to the Coronavirus? It would be great to get a feeling on how well we are doing.

DC – I know that some sections are continuing to encourage our young people to undertake Scouting activities with badge work and challenges which is great.  Please let me know what it is you are doing to continue Scouting in these difficult times.

Ongoing Scouting – We know that the coming days and weeks are going to be difficult for families across the UK. Scouts have always been active members of our communities and we know that now is no different. Thank you for the incredible hard work that so many of you are already putting in to support your young people and their families. As experts in developing skills and bringing new experiences to young people, we know you’ll agree that it’s only right for us to step up and do what we can to support young people and their families across the UK. So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce The Great Indoors. We’ve pulled together over 100 existing activities from our programme planner that are perfect for parents and carers to do with their children if they’re stuck at home over the next few weeks.

Annual Scout Membership – Thanks to all the Groups for sending your capitation fee to the District. Here is a link to what the money is being spent on pre Covid-19

Distance training and meetings – We are looking to offer training and training validations remotely via telephone, video messaging, face time, WhatsApp video or Skype. Details will be circulated accordingly.

Executive Committee ongoing learning – Following a change to the Appointment Process chapter in Policy, Organisation and Rules, Executive Committee members are required to complete the mandatory ongoing Safety training. Making sure members follow and apply the Safety and Safeguarding policies of the Scouts locally is a specific responsibility of Executive Committees and line managers. This training will help Charity Trustees to fulfil their legal responsibility. The Safety ongoing learning now aligns with the requirement to complete the Essential Information for Executive Committees (Module 1E) and Safeguarding ongoing learning as mandatory training for members of Executive Committees.  Compass will be updated soon to help with the recording of this training.

Safety and Safeguarding Ongoing Learning – they are five years at the moment but will move to three years.

Compass Registration & access – Can you please encourage all of your Leaders/Team/Members to login to Compass it is believed that some have never accessed their record. It is important that all information is accurate and only the owner will know this for sure.