DC’s Blog – May 2021

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District Youth Commissioner Vacancy -The District would like to fill this position as a matter of urgency.  If you know of anyone that could undertake this role please forward me their details.

Group Scout Leaders – There are currently 3 Groups in the District without a GSL, if you know of anyone that could undertake this role please forward me their details.

Social Distancing – can I please remind you of the current social distancing requirement when at your section meetings.  I know you try you best under very difficult circumstances. Plan all of your activities so that they’re social distanced – it’s still required in most nations. Don’t worry if there are moments when young people are slightly closer together. If you’re worried about things not going to plan, stop and regroup before restarting.

Group AGMs – If you have not already let me know when your AGM is can you please forward me the date so that a District Team member can join you.

Preparing for nights away – As the time to restart nights away moves closer (please check your location’s readiness level table to see when it may be possible), it’s important to use our Nights Away Advisers to support with the process. We’ll publish guidance as soon as we can.

Attracting and motivating volunteers. This year, two ofour big focuses will be attracting new volunteers and giving our existing volunteers the credit (and encouragement) they deserve. Here are a few things you can try locally to attract and retain volunteers:

Our #GoodForYou campaign will launch nationally on 27 May – It’ll be all over our social media channels, and hopefully it’ll be in the press too! Please keep an eye out and share what you can, as we all get ready to start conversations locally.

First Aid – Have at least one qualified first aid volunteer present at any face-to-face Scout activity. For now, if your training has expired, you only need to complete Module 10a (which can all be delivered online) to be a valid first aider for a face-to-face meeting. Find out more about completing first aid training under COVID-19 restrictions on our website. 

Squirrels! – Work continues to create a section for 4 and 5 year olds – TSA are looking for volunteers to take on coaching roles to support the first few Squirrels sections get up and running in areas of financial deprivation or underserved Black, Asian, and other minority ethnic communities. You don’t need to be located near a new Squirrels section, as this role is intended to be online. Interested? Find out more and apply now.

Good Service awards to recognise volunteers who’ve given outstanding service over a number of years. You may want to recognise the efforts of newer volunteers with a Commissioners Commendation award, or award them with the Thanks badge. Or you might want to do something less formal but equally meaningful.